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T-Seg15 Multi Use Diamond Blade

National Diamond

T-Seg15 Multi Use Diamond Blade

$ 149.95 $ 249.95

The 15mm segment height T-SEG15 diamond saw blade is powerful, versatile and built to last.

This diamond tipped blade was built with double segment height for smoother, deeper cuts.

The segmented slots on the T-SEG15 are designed for increased airflow which helps remove debris, allowing for quick, clean cuts. The blade will handle the widest range of jobs and applications, is durable and preferred by contractors in need of a tool that cuts multiple materials and is able to withstand rugged, frequent use.The segments are laser welded with a super soft bond for cutting:

  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Cured concrete
  • Rebar
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Concrete pipe
  • Rigid Concrete Pipe (RCP)
  • Refractory brick
  • River rock

Recommended for high speed saw and walk behinds up to 20 Horsepower(HP).

Use wet or dry.

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