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Japanese Steel Straight Razor by Vintage Gentlemen

Vintage Gentlemen

Japanese Steel Straight Razor by Vintage Gentlemen

$ 119.99

Fulfilled by our friends at Vintage Gentlemen

“A luxury razor while you’re here, an heirloom when you’re gone.”

Why A Straight Razor?

If you’re like us, there was probably a point in time in your life that you had questions about straight razors and your curiosity was peaked by some nostalgic image or video of a man using a straight edge. Maybe that’s you right now? Well, we’re here to help you in your decision to give this lost art among gentlemen a try!

We want men to experience a luxury shave, so we put together a premium straight razor that has no cut corners and we proudly stand behind. Our Japanese steel straight razor comes shave ready out of the box and will hold an edge extremely well to give you a great experience as you hone your skills.


We added a Japanese knife stainless steel with a hardness of up to 61-65 HRC. 


Shaving with a straight razor is all about quality, sharpness, and balance. 

We topped (and bottomed) this razor off with 115-grain two-sided gold copper heads to give you the perfect equilibrium between the razor and your face.


We include a beautiful black and silver carry case to store your razor in and easily carry with you as you travel. This makes a wonderful gift as the case makes for a beautiful presentation.



Yep, this blade is ready to shave right out of the box and comes with a nice coat of oil to help protect the blade while in transit to your home.


The blade is fairly wide which makes it a perfect beginner blade as it is easier to get the correct angle right.

⭐ Our straight edge razor blade is 7/8 wide at the widest point and 5/8 at the tapered end. Once again, we were looking to engineer a blade that meet all the best aspects of straight razor shaving. 

  • The total length of the razor: 15.7cm
  • Blade length: 7.5cm, 13/16"

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